Fancy Beans

There is no recipe included in this entry.

Just want to clear that up for those of you who may be under the false impression that I cook anything more than that which is essential to prevent major malnutrition.

Or at least starvation.

Anyway, this is about the origin of beans according to my (at the time) rapidly approaching seven-year old daughter. The conversation went like this:

Roo (in her best authoritative lecturer in training voice):  “Mama, did you know that beans naturally come from Mexico?”

Mama:  “They do? What kind of beans? Coffee beans? Cocoa beans?”

Roo (in the same a.l.i.t. voice):  “No. Just beans with fancy names like . . . . . . . . . . . like refried.”

Something tells me there are some gaps in this child’s education. With what shall we begin . . . cultural sensitivity or cooking classes?

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