Last Day of School

This was taken last August . . .

This was taken last Friday (the last day of school is a uniform-free day) . . .

What a difference nine and a half months makes. (Seems to me that is a time frame in which lots of other things happened in their development a number of years back.)

Next year it is on to 2nd grade and 4th grade respectively.


Mother’s Day

Or is it Mothers Day or Mothers’ Day?

Doesn’t matter. What does matter is this little menu put together by our very dear girl child. She gave it to me to fill out the night before so I could customize my breakfast. After I checked the boxes indicating my preferences she sent her father to the store to gather the requested ingredients. The next morning I had a very yummy breakfast in bed.

At our house you are our party planner, Roo. You love to celebrate and make things special. You are so sweet, so dear. It has been so amazing watching you become who you are. I’ll never forget carrying you into the house for the first time. It was Mother’s Day nine years ago. I was acutely aware of the fact that you made us a family of three and that we would forever be more than we had been just a couple of days prior. I set that blue bucket car seat down in the entry way of the house and looked down at your precious self in the light green outfit with the white collar you were wearing. I studied your tiny face, the one cheek so scraped up and red.  I wondered if the ear you had laid on for months and was folded in half would ever straighten itself out (it did). I remember being overwhelmed with love for you. I also remember looking at your daddy and thinking . . .

Holy crap! We have a baby here! Now what do we do?!?

Like all parents we have figured it out as we’ve traveled this road. It is a road I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Thanks for making me a mama, Roo. Mostly, thank you for being you.

I love you,

Her Second Recital

R had her second successful piano recital last Saturday. It was held in the same church as the last one. This time there were an easy 300+ people there.

I can’t believe how different she looks sitting up on that stage at that big old grand piano . . . so much older than she looked last November.

She took a little bow.

She is so proud of herself.

So am I.

Eight Today . . . Nine Tomorrow

I love this picture . . . but not nearly as much as I love the little girl in the picture.  The little girl who turns nine years old tomorrow.

My goodness.


Pea Pickin’

I love our little vegetable garden. I do. I really, really do. It is becoming a treasured and beautiful space.

But what I love, love, love even more is when our little girl dons the sweet old timey apron Grannie Pie made her and goes to work in that garden.


Still Reading

Last October I wrote a post about R and her love of the written word. Things haven’t changed much. Over the past three weeks she has read the last three books in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series plus a book about Leonardo da Vinci, some other book she received for Christmas and whatever else happened to appear in front of her at any particular moment. The extra surge of reading the past month means that our house has been exceptionally quiet and that the boy is really bored because his sister is more interested in books than in building forts and jumping on the trampoline.

One day last week I couldn’t figure out where R had gone – she wasn’t in the house or yard. I ultimately found her sitting on the curb across the street completely engrossed in her book of the moment. I so wish I had taken a picture – she looked so little sitting on the curb in front of the giant slab of cement that is our neighbor’s retaining wall – but I didn’t.

The second time I couldn’t find her that day I did take a picture. She was here . . .

under the desk on the front porch. Which is where she sat, engrossed in her book, until it was so dark she couldn’t possibly see the words on the page and I made her come in the house.

I love this. I really, really love this.

By the way, how cool is it that we live where we can have a desk on the front porch and use it all year!


Two Pictures

I was going to post these about the time G-d decided a whole bunch of us in LA County needed an urban camping trip. They aren’t related to any event in particular, I just love them both and thought I would share . . . .

This one, because it makes my heart all mushy . . .

And this one because it makes me laugh hysterically . . .


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