About Ingies

Ingies (ing eez) – most people call them earrings but my darling daughter called them ingies when she was two. No one wearing eye-catching earrings (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) was able to pass her by without her noticing and in her ultra soprano voice declaring, “Pitty ingies, Mama!”

This site is dedicated to capturing a few of my family’s ingy moments and my musings. It is a place to write love letters to my children and comment on the world at large. It is my space and my distraction and if someone stumbles by and wants to stay a moment, welcome. I am honored that you would choose to spend a few moments of your day here.

If you feel inclined to borrow anything from this site without permission, please don’t. It’s mine unless I state otherwise.

And now for the standard, if not obligatory, “Who am I?” . . .

I admire and am fascinated by people who have lots of children but am content and challenged with the two I have and adore beyond words.

I’m a fan of free enterprise and social responsibility.

I’m a fan of clean food and sustainable living.

I’m a fan of food storage and emergency preparedness as a result of having spent half my childhood in the middle of nowhere. I also believe in simplicity and clutter-free living. If I figure out how to mesh the two nicely I’ll let you know.

I believe that gratitude is meant to be shared.

I am idealistic and learning to live with my limitations. Grace is the means and the goal.

I would love to have ten acres in the middle of the city. I would keep chickens, a goat, and a cow. I would collect rainwater and grow veggies like crazy. I would walk to the library, the swimming pool, the playground and the bagel shop and have lots of people around with whom to exchange smiles. In the meantime, I live in a little house, in a little neighborhood in a city just the right size with my husband, our two children, two dogs, a hamster, periodic fish and a transient grammie and I read lots of books about all the above.

Some of my favorite things are historical romance novels, NCIS, tulips, beautiful cookbooks, Bones, ingies, hanging out at the bookstore, the smell of my dog’s feet, beads, dancing, bringing home a giant stack of books from the library, the idea of homeschooling my children, painted toenails, fajitas, lemons, candles at the dinner table, Firefly, handmade beaded and metal jewelry, avocados, jammies, toes in the water, the smell of traditionally tanned moosehide and Castle.

Did I mention that I adore my children and husband?

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