Our boy is now a Wolf. His Tiger days are over. He traded in his orange neckerchief for a gold one.

G was also chosen Tiger Cub of the Year. This is him with his Den Leader, who is amazing. We are so lucky to have her. She happens to be a 100-mile marathoner, a mother of three, a running coach, a hard core Scout leader and the only woman I know who can make pearls the perfect accessory for a Scout uniform. (Collar is funky because scarf was put on by an eight year old. It’s all good.)

We are very proud of you, G!


Last Day of School

This was taken last August . . .

This was taken last Friday (the last day of school is a uniform-free day) . . .

What a difference nine and a half months makes. (Seems to me that is a time frame in which lots of other things happened in their development a number of years back.)

Next year it is on to 2nd grade and 4th grade respectively.


Grocery Pyramids

This is what happens at our house with the boy is tasked with unloading bags of groceries . . .


Bucket o’ Lizard

The boy is at it again . . . pet for a day. This one he caught himself and was so very proud. He played with it for hours after school and cried when the lizard had to be set free . . .

G took very good care of his little lizard as shown by the fact that the lizard managed to hang on to his tail in spite of being handled so much. I’m thinking this was especially nice for the lizard because it appeared he had already lost his tail somewhere along the way and was still busy working on the replacement. G even showed up in the kitchen with the lizard in hand wanting to help the rest of us can meals. The lizard’s invitation to the house was quickly rescinded. The boy opted to hang with his buddy on the patio.

Happy lizards to you,


Accessorizing G style . . .


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