Front Yard View

This was the view from our front porch one day last week . . .

Welcome to California.

The 29th of July

Twenty-four hours from this very moment we will be headed to the LAX baggage area to claim six suitcases and two dogs (hamster is staying behind – Bless you, H!).

This month has flown by . . . where did it go? I remember when C left for California on the 5th of July – it felt like it would be forever until we would join him. Well, forever is here.

And since forever is here, I would like to clarify something . . .

We have used the term “moving” very loosely during this entire process but we aren’t really moving. If we were really moving we wouldn’t be leaving an entire house full of stuff behind.

So even though the movers stopped by and took all 3080 pounds of this . . .

and did a bunch of this . . .

and some of this . . .

and got my front room looking like this again . . .

I assure you the volume of material goods left in our house clearly attests to the fact that this is definitely a temporary situation . . .

Even though we may want it to be something other than temporary once we become accustomed to things like normal levels of vitamin D, driving to other states without having to whip out passports and January veggies that aren’t floppy.

Headed south,

To-Do Lists & Kid Recollections

So one of the beautiful things about moving – even if it is, as in our case, a partial, temporary move or “Temporary Domestic Relocation” as it is called –  is that a whole lot of purging gets done. A whole lot of projects on the to-do list also get done. Crossing things off my “To-Do Sometime This Decade List” has been my favorite part of this entire process. A few examples . . .

We remodeled two years ago and never put mirrors back in the bathroom, the mirrors have now been purchased. (Installation will probably happen two years from now when we return. Wouldn’t want to have an empty to do list. It would mean I was dead or something.)

In 1980 my mother transcribed onto 638 pages of paper the dozen or so audio tapes my father made before he passed away. I’ve been meaning to have them scanned and digitized since about 2003. It’s done.

In 2000 when my husband and I got married he bought me diamond earrings. They have been sitting in my jewelry box for almost 11 years because the backs kept coming off and I never took them in to have locking backs put on. It’s done.

When we moved into this house in 2005 I put all of my old correspondence and school papers in a giant purple plastic tub. It has been sitting in various places in our house since then. It is now sorted and purged and what I kept is filed and labeled.

The giant unorganized pile of pictures, papers, baby things and kid momentos I have been collecting for the last eight years . . . the pile filling an entire closet and spilling out into our bedroom  . . . has been sorted and organized and purged and stored appropriately.

It was in undertaking that last item that I came across a few kid quotes and stories I had the presence of mind to record. I’m going to relay them here not because they are extraordinarily funny or spectacular but because they are special to me and they bring to mind those exacts moments in my with absolute clarity. So this is for preservation purposes for me . . .

March 28, 2008

G: High, happy voice . . . “Why God made you so soft Mommy?”

(Pregnant pause)

G: Serious voice, shake of the head . . . “Daddy isn’t.”

This is the same child who told me that he likes to pet my tummy because it is “soft and squishy.”

April 8, 2008

This is a conversation I primarily overheard from the kitchen. My husband, C, went into G’s room to get him ready for bed.

C: “OK, Diaperizer”

G: “No. I want Mommy.”

Pause while C attempts to put G’s diaper on.

G: “No. I want Mommy to put my diaper on.”

Another pause while C tries again.

C to Mommy: “Honey, can you come do this?”

G: “I want these on.” Hands Daddy his one piece jammies.

C: “No. If you put those on without a diaper and you poop, the poop will roll down your leg and get stuck between your toes.”

G laughs.

R to Daddy: “Are you sure?”

C: (Deadpan) “Yes. You should try it sometime.”

R comes to the kitchen with a silly grin on her face.

R to Mommy: “If you poop without a diaper it will come out your leg. Is that true?”

Mommy: “Yes.”

Two minutes go by while R puts on her one piece jammies.

R comes back to the kitchen.

R to Mommy: “Are you sure poop will come out your leg? How does it do that?”

November 22, 2008

So G and I were at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday. We were cruising through the bedding section when all of a sudden I hear, “Mommy! This is COZY!” Look it’s cozy on my tummy.” I see G on the other side of the throw blanket display holding his shirt up to his collar-bone with two hands, little belly sticking out so he can rub it on the blue microfleece / minky throws hanging on a center display. His little eyes were as bright as could be and his smile was huge . . . he was so pleased!

Today he is cruising around in his full body black polyester costume that has plastic skeleton bones on the outside so he looks like the Grim Reaper. I was helping him climb into it for the third time when he got all excited and said, in his highest, squeekiest, I’m so excited I’m beside myself voice, “I look just like Red Ridin’ Hood!” And then with a sudden shift to a completely normal voice, “Because I have a hood.”

April 27, 2009

R:  “Mamma, does G-d know what I’m going to say next? Because you know what? I don’t know what I’m going to say next!”

Laughter from the audience.

R:  “Should I say it again?”

July 2009:

G & R were drawing a going away poster from my friend S and her family.

G:  “I want to make G-d and Jesus and Noah.”

R:  “G did you know that G-d and Jesus and Yeshua are one big person with lots of names?”

Mom:  Which one are you making?”

G:  “The one with the wife.”

Back to the to-do list,

We Done Gone and Did It

We did it.

We bought one-way tickets to California last night . . .

Reservations for 2 adults, 2 children, 2 large dogs and 1 tiny hamster.

Add a rifle case, car seats and the four suitcases we will have lived out of for a month and check-in should be an extraordinary amount of fun.

For those of us who have yet to fully absorb the reality of our pending change of address this is yet further proof that this whole move thing is actually happening.

The next reality check will be in 14 days when the movers extract the 2000 pound pile of “stuff” from our dining room.

Did I really just write “14 days?”

If I may quote Heather L. Sanders, “Oh, My Stinkin’ Heck!”

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