Salad Boat


This boat . . . not fit for a moat,
better a salad bar for a goat.
Broccoli, chard, peas & kale . . .
it’ll be awhile ‘for it sees a whale.
But in the yard so pretty and neat
it’s filled with yummy things to eat.


This garden resides in my neighbor’s yard.

Yummy and lush, isn’t it?

My neighbors are very creative people. Here is the view from a bit farther away.

The lady of the house is from the coast of Alaska. I think this is their tribute to her hometown . . .  or they were looking for an excuse to avoid having to refurbish this cute little water craft.

Either way it is lovely.

And fun.

And we have a yard with a really cool view thanks to these creative people.

Happy Gardening,

P.S. Grannie Pie, I think we’ve found the solution to your gopher problem. You don’t need giant plastic drums. You need a boat.

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