Our home has a new resident.

Meet Chuy.

R named him. I picked the spelling . . . in honor of my husband’s favorite Austin restaurant.

Chuy was born on June 21st of last year. His mama was a Black Lab / German Shepherd mix. His daddy was not a purse dog.

He belongs to her.

And he plays with her.

(We love him extra for that.)

He is huge. He is gorgeous. He is sweet and cuddly. He fetches and plays tug of war.

Chuy has the makings of an amazing dog.

He is even helpful.

He helped R put together her floor puzzle.

Except maybe that had something to do with the fact that putting the puzzle together involved snacks.

Mmmm . . . best of all . . . like all good dogs . . . Chuy’s feet smell awesome.


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  1. aunt jake
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 16:28:48

    I will be over soon to sniff Chuy’s paws! And of course Burton’s as well. AND, of course, with biscuits. 🙂


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