The 29th of July

Twenty-four hours from this very moment we will be headed to the LAX baggage area to claim six suitcases and two dogs (hamster is staying behind – Bless you, H!).

This month has flown by . . . where did it go? I remember when C left for California on the 5th of July – it felt like it would be forever until we would join him. Well, forever is here.

And since forever is here, I would like to clarify something . . .

We have used the term “moving” very loosely during this entire process but we aren’t really moving. If we were really moving we wouldn’t be leaving an entire house full of stuff behind.

So even though the movers stopped by and took all 3080 pounds of this . . .

and did a bunch of this . . .

and some of this . . .

and got my front room looking like this again . . .

I assure you the volume of material goods left in our house clearly attests to the fact that this is definitely a temporary situation . . .

Even though we may want it to be something other than temporary once we become accustomed to things like normal levels of vitamin D, driving to other states without having to whip out passports and January veggies that aren’t floppy.

Headed south,

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