Tonight we had chicken ranch burritos for dinner.

G sat at the table, his burrito clutched in his left hand, happily eating away, left elbow on the table.

I told him to remove his elbow from the table.

He complained that he couldn’t eat with his elbow down.

I told him he could . . . elbows do not belong on the table.

G looked at me, put his right hand on the table, put his left elbow on top of it and continued eating.

If there is a loophole that child will find it.

I never knew raising a child would require contract law experience.

Maybe he will work for a giant corporation in their legal division one day. I hear they pay big money to people with a talent for exploiting loopholes.

Meanwhile I’m going to go practice giving explicit instructions.


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  1. diane
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 11:58:50

    What a kid! Now you will have to think harder before you give instructions. Mom


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