Sexy Ungulate


Members of PETA will probably not want to read this post.


Close your browser window now if you are squeamish.

Consider yourself warned.

One night last week my husband and I had the opportunity to bond over this . . .

This, for those of you who don’t know, is a hind quarter of an Alces alces.

We call them moose around here.

They look like this when still in one piece.

And it is a beautiful thing. It is equally beautiful in our freezer.

Except maybe not this part.

But I digress, as usual.

As my in-laws were graciously braving the crazy Monday night crowd at the Everything Store on our behalf, C and I worked together to get this put up in the freezer.

That means he wielded the knife and I herded children around, ran the FoodSaver®, and was momentarily able to forget the fact that the very next day my baby was running off to kindergarten.

This particular hunk of meat was a gift to my husband in exchange for the use of his boat and muscles.

And we are extremely grateful for it.

And it isn’t just because security in my little world is a full freezer.

By the way . . .

I have to tell you. There is nothing sexier than your husband walking through the door of your house with the hind quarter of an ungulate slung over his shoulder. I’d have the pictures to prove it but I was busy opening the door.

It’s true. The sexy part, that is.

Yes that does say moose fajita.


And for those of you who are curious about what the bottom of a moose hoof looks like, well here you go.

Reminds me of an ashtray my parents had. It was made from a moose hoof. What can I even say about that? Except the word “classy” doesn’t immediately spring to mind.

Grateful and drooling,