Message from Roo



So about a  month ago life arranged itself so that my husband had the children and I was out doing my thing . . . by myself. Let’s make a note of that . . . by myself. There was no one under five feet tall with me. In fact, there was no one over five feet tall either. It was a momentous occasion.

Anyway, when I returned home I checked our phone messages and there was a message from G . . . short and sweet and to the point.

“I love you, Mom.”

No mincing words here.

This message was followed by a message from Roo. Through the fuzz and static of a poor cell connection I hear her sweet, high-pitched little voice telling me the following:

“I just wanted to let you know that I love you too, Mom and the – the one before this one was from G. This one’s from R. I lo- I mostly just love you – when y – uh – you are actually not crabby ’cause I think I mostly just like happy people. I just wanted to let you know that, Mom. Bye!”

That last sentence was so perky and upbeat it is beyond my limited descriptive ability.

You know I’m saving that message forever . . . and you know I listen to it at least once a week.  We’re supposed switch phone companies next month. I can’t let that happen. I’d lose the message.

In fact, if we ever move I’m keeping our phone number and voicemail so I can listen to it and laugh when she’s 14 and 25 and 46 and 59.

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