Tent Zippers

Is it wrong to laugh hysterically when your children are in distress?

Laugh until you cry?

Laugh so hard you all but pee your pants?

Laugh so hard that you are physically unable to help them for a full three minutes?

And then make them sit there while you run fetch a camera to document their predicament?

Is that wrong?

If so I am a bad, bad mama.

This afternoon I rounded my kids up from the backyard to send them off for quiet time. They had been playing in a tent their father set up for them. After they both were in the house it started to rain so I sent Roo back out to close up the tent.

Thirty seconds later I heard, “Mama! Maaaaaammmmmmaaaaa!”

When I peeked under the vestibule, this is what I found . . .

Yup. She sure did. Zipped her hair right up in the zipper.

That was when I started laughing.

And trying not to pee my pants.

And went to fetch the camera.

I made her sit there while I took eleven pictures.

She maintained a very good sense of humor even with her twisted mother laughing hysterically at her and repeating, “Hold still! Just one more!” while snapping away, setting changes and all.

And then I set her loose. Without the aid of scissors.

Laughing hysterically,

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